Third week of January marks the black anniversary of 1990 Armenian pogroms in Baku. Aris Ghazinyan “Black Week: Armenians remeber the January massacre in Baku”., 24/04/2017

In this video Vadim Arutyunov tells the story of an Azeri family who rescued his ethnic Armenian mother from violent acts in 1990. Vadim was born at the end of the 1970s in Baku, at that time capital city of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. He is an Orientalist – Indianist, a journalist, the director of information analytical portal “Antitopor” and a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.
Prior to the imminent dissolution of the Soviet Union, confrontations erupted among Armenians resident in Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani population in citites within Azerbaijan. Vadim’s mother is an eyewitness of anti-Armenian porgroms in Baku, which took place on 13-19 January 1990. Armenian sources estimate about 250 thousands Armenians forced to flee their homes in Azerbaijan, while official Azerbaijani sources relate these tragic events to Armenians atrocities and outrage against Azeri population. By sharing the story about his mother, Vadim discloses the rarely told stories of those courageous Azerbaijani families who decided to go beyond cleavages into their societies and rescued Armenians and supported them fleeing Azerbaijan.